Loss and Damage Claims Filing

If you find that filing and tracking down loss and damage claims is not your core competency or you can’t get your arms around the overall process, let NTC handle them for you. Our claims filing service is based on years of experience working with clients to increase recovery and help improve their bottom line.

By allowing NTC to file your claims, you will immediately realize labor savings that can be directed to other areas of your organization. Our interest is to see that you get your claims filed on time and settled quickly and accurately. We have the experience to turn denied claims into recovered revenue contributing to your bottom line.

NTC is motivated to recover the maximum allowed in your agreements. You can choose whether we are paid as a percentage of overall recovery or a fixed fee per claim paid, denied or cancelled. Either way, you can rest assured that loss and damage claims are not slipping through the cracks letting revenue slip away.

We will zero in on problem carriers and communicate with those refusing payment ensuring that they comply with your agreements and their own procedures. This will result in either monetary recovery by settling the claim or providing you with the power of knowledge for future negotiations or both. You will be armed with the following information and more:

Claims Aging Report

• This report subtotals and sorts by claim type, status of claim and carrier. Line items are broken down into 30, 60, 90 and 180+ categories.

Summary Carrier Claims Filed vs. Recovered

• This report allows you to quickly review the dollar amount of claims filed per carrier compared with the amount recovered from the carrier.

Claims Summary by Consignee

• Easily determine by carrier, consignee, ship point and part number which location is filing the most claims and for which carriers.

Part Number Summary Report

• Provides visibility into the most frequently damaged parts per carrier, per ship point and consignee.