Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is National Traffic Consultants (NTC) Located?

A. Our headquarters is in the Studio City portion of The City of Los Angeles. We are just down north of Hollywood Hills at 4130 Cahuenga Blvd, Universal City, CA 91602-2847.


Q. How long has NTC been in business?

A. NTC has been in business over 40 years having been founded in 1971.


Q. What makes NTC’s freight bill processing different then everyone else’s?

A. NTC utilizes the industry’s most advanced web tool for carrier payment research offering a complete event history for every freight bill on the system, E•trace. E•trace was written internally by our corporate IT Department specifically for the high-volume, all modes shipping environment that NTC 's clients utilize and thereby NTC needs to audit against.


Q. How much money can NTC save us?

A. On our freight audit services, we have historically saved our customers over $5.00 for every $1.00 in service fees. NTC customers typically recognize a very fast ROI of less than 6 months on their initial software investment.


Q. My company does business internationally; can NTC handle international freight bills?

A. Yes, NTC has a wealth of experience in international freight bill audit and payment. The systems we utilize to audit and pay your freight bills have the ability to audit International rates and can audit, pay, and allocate freight costs in anywhere in the world, in U.S. dollar denominations.


Q. Will the paper freight bills get sent back to me?

A. NTC can send all paper freight bills back to the shipper or store them and send back up data back on a monthly basis. Our online system allows you to see freight bill data for up to 3 years.


Q. What are web tools?

A. NTC's Web Tools allow for shippers to review all bills including those that fail processing for quick resolution follow up via the internet. Also, NTC's Web Tools allow for reporting (standardized or ad hoc) of potentially 200 data fields for each freight invoice, plus offer an archive of the last 3 years of freight data, and complete processing information for each invoice.